Real Fitness Solutions LLC Personal Training in Cherry Hill NJ

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Personal Trainer in Cherry Hill

1951 Old Cuthbert Rd #102

Cherry Hill NJ 08034

We Have Many Different Personal Training Package Options to Fit Any Budget! We Have Been Offering Professional Personal Training to Mount Laurel and Cherry Hill, and all Surrounding NJ Cities for Over 10 Years!

Our Fitness Center is Equipped With...
40 Yards of Indoor Turf 

Free Weights and Cardio
Dynamic Training Zone
Stretch Table 

TRX and Kettlebells  

Private Shower and Locker Room

About Us
Hello! We are Real Fitness Solutions - an elite group of personal trainers in Cherry Hill, NJ motivated by the success of our clients. Through our work and dedication, we build strength and create confidence one person at a time. We believe in building strength not only on the outside, but inner strength as well. We believe in setting goals and achieving them through good old fashioned hard work and having fun along the way. Changing your body is not easy. We realize it can be overwhelming to walk into a gym for the first time, having a goal in mind but not quite sure how to reach it. That is why we are here. We want to share our success in health and fitness with you and help you persevere through the hard work it takes to conquer those goals. That is what we do and we are good at it. Tell us your goal and we can help you reach it, one workout at a time. When you become part of our program, you are part of our family, you will be among peers. You will embark on an awesome journey and join an amazing group of people whose lives have been changed by a personal trainer. We are Real Fitness Solutions. This is what we do. We change lives.