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"Dear Anthony, words cannot express my gratitude to you in helping me reach my life-long dream and goal. I had been a career dieter: however, for the first time in my life I know deep within that this is the time that the dream will become reality. This is the first time I have ever lost this much weight and inches. I am extremely excited to keep going and get to the finish line. Anthony, thank you so much. I look forward to continuing to work with you, not only to reach my weight loss goal, but also to tone, tighten and be the most fit I have ever been in my whole life! If there is ever anything I can do for you, please don’t hesitate to ask."  -Jaye   

"Ant, this guy thanks you from the bottom of his heart brotha. For everything you've done and will do to make this permanent for me." - Mike

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"I have been training with Anthony for five years and I really hope that it turns into many more. He is an OUTSTANDING trainer with an amazing amount of knowledge and in five years I have never plateaued and have never been bored with my workouts. Not only is he an amazing trainer but he is dedicated, encouraging and extremely professional (which I hadn't found in a trainer) and he is also a great human being. I always look forward to my sessions knowing that I always get the results I expect and more. Thank you Anthony for these years and for the amazing results!"

-Gabriela B.

"Anthony trained my father after major back surgery as a continuation of rehab after he was done with physical therapy. Due to his age and physical limitations he needed a very unique and carefully constructed fitness plan which he found with Anthony. Our family highly recommends Real Fitness Solutions for anyone in need of a trainer."

-Tim Y.

"I was a very skinny guy, and I tried many different ways to gain weight for a couple of years by training on my own, with a training program, and even with other personal trainers. I had barely gained any weight during those couple of years, and I was very frustrated. Then all of that changed when I met Anthony. I immediately realized he was a kind and caring guy from my first time talking to him over the phone. I told him that my goal was to gain 20 pounds of strong muscle, so he made my workout plan specifically designed for me. Anthony is also very motivating during a workout because he truly does care about wanting his clients to succeed. He always has a workout plan ready to go as soon as I walk into the gym. He is extremely educated and knowledgeable about weight loss, weight gain, and nutrition. He always has an answer for every question that I ask him, and I ask him a lot of questions. When I started working out with Anthony, I weighed 124 pounds, and in nine months I gained 21 pounds of strong muscle, so now I weigh 145 pounds! He is the first person that was able to help me achieve my goal of gaining 20 pounds of muscle! I will remember everything that he taught me for the rest of my life, and deciding to choose him to be my personal trainer was one of the best decisions of my life. Thank you Anthony."

-Brandon M.

"Anthony was amazing.. he walks you through every exercise and makes you feel like you can do anything . . He pushes you in a way that makes you want to be better, in and out of the gym. He helped me lose 20+ lbs, over 6 inches and taught me so much about eating healthy.. I look forward to going every week and take all the knowledge with me to the gym when I'm on my own!"

-Sarah P.

"My partner and I have been meeting with Anthony on a weekly basis since December 2022, and he has truly changed our lives. We initially went to him with concerns about how sedentary we were due to our office jobs, and we also had goals for losing weight and getting toned. So far, my partner has lost 20 pounds and I have lost 15, all thanks to Anthony’s guidance about nutrition and staying active with strength and cardio exercises. We feel healthier than we have ever been, and we look forward to our weekly sessions with Anthony, which always leave us feeling muscles we didn’t know we had! Anthony is everything you want in a personal trainer – he is encouraging and supportive, he constantly pushes you past what you think your limits are, and he tailors workouts to help you meet your goals. We highly recommend him!"

Shannon J.

"Best personal trainer I’ve ever had. Not everyone has the same gym goals and Anthony tailored my regiment to my personal needs. He helped me with creating and tracking goals as well as helping me create an exercise regiment outside training sessions. He is kind, personable and motivational. He shared his deep knowledge and experience openly to help me stay on track, learn more about nutrition, general health, exercise, etc. He is passionate about training and genuinely cares about helping his clients."

-Olga L.

"Anthony has been my trainer for 13 years. He's incredible. He has helped me prepare for 3 Olympic-length triathlons, 1 marathon, tennis, and general fitness and conditioning. He keeps the routines varied and is always introducing new exercises and techniques. His prices are very reasonable and no gym membership is required. He works out of Adrenaline Fitness, which has everything we need to train."

-Amit J.

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